Travelling to the land of the rising Sun

User Rating: 9 | Ghost of Tsushima PS4

A huge achievement for visual effects, one of the most stunning set of landscapes I've witnessed in a video game, nothing beats Japan's sunrise it seems.

I got hooked to this game from the start, the gameplay is smooth and easy to get used to but what I actual felt drawn to (and probably most people) are the set design and the insane graphics. Set in Japan during the Mongol invasions, so around the 1200s, we play Jin Sakai a Samurai from a fallen clan that is set on a journey to gather followers to push the Mongol army away from the Tsushima island in Japan - it's nothing less than an odyssey.

We have this incredibly big open world to explore, tons of side quests while we prepare to take on the Mongol leader with their huge army all of this while we continuously get to experience these beautiful scenarios that range from snow, to flower fields, to mountains with a sea view... there was no shortage of ideas put in place for the set design.

As a game experience, it doesn't differ that much in a lot of way from your regular RPG, you get to unlock new visuals on weapons and armor, new skills and you of course level up getting both your health and "skill charge" up as you raise your level - as a story it does bring its originality to the table and it also has that element which I believe works fantastically well in video games, mixing real life events with made up characters and stories -