Tight combat, great visuals in a Japanese setting all come together for a great action/rpg!

User Rating: 9 | Ghost of Tsushima PS4

Ghost Of Tsushima is such a fun game with visuals unlike anything I've ever seen before. Travel on horseback to meet with different clans and take down enemies with your swords or bow and arrows. Use tools to help you also like smoke bombs and ect. You cannot target enemies in this game so it's like nothing you've played before. Free range of combat, strike with deadly force and precision as you master new abilities and special moves. This game doesn't over burden you with special moves but instead you progress through leveling up, crafting gear and adding charms to your gear. The story line is nothing crazy but a story of protection and defense as you struggle to keep your land and your people safe. Fast travel is perfect in this game, easily hopping from area to area to uncover new secrets and learn new things. This game will keep you coming back for more. That perfect head shot with the bow. The finishing special moves which devastate your enemies. Combat is so tight in this game making all the battles really fun and engaging. I would easily recommend this one to anyone who loves a great action/rpg open-world type game.. i.e. assassins creed & the witcher.