Gex's Egyptian Review. That is why I will put 10/10.

User Rating: 10 | Gex: Deep Cover Gecko PS
THIS GAME WILL BLOW YOUR MIND!!! Gex 3 is an awesome game that has cool music, cool storyline and cool stuff. Gex 3 has an Egyptian level that will blow your mind! That camel you ride to the nearest pyramid is... named... ZIROKO!!! Yes! His name is Ziroko! That animal will blow your stupendous mind when you even touch him! The whole point of the game is how awesome it is! And... ARRRG!! I can't get its awesome memories off my head!! That explains why this game is nothing else from any Gex game you see!! WHAT is great about this game? The camel or a secret level in Lake Flaccid? Um... THE SECRET LEVEL!!! You get an awesome get-up based on Akuji the Heartless! This game has so many stuff. Gex shoulda have been Eidos Interactive Gex games mascot. There's even, I mean EVEN, a campaign about to stop Gex from extinction!! It's called "Seiv Gex!". Why did they spell "Save" wrong? i am not telling you. Why? Because I DON'T KNOW!! What Las Vegas based on Gex is better? The Luxor or Caesar's Palace? The Luxor! Why? Because it's based on Gex 3's Egypt level!! And now.. Ziroko will use the... OMG!! No way! Ziroko.. is.. about.. to.. use.. THE POOT OF MASSDESTRUCTION!!!1!1 (BOOM!!) It's super effective! Enemy Akuji fainted. Ziroko gained 3 levels! And MetroidChampion? What are ya gonna say? MetroidChampion: Gex! Deep Cover, gecko! Gex again: This awesome review about the Egyptian level of Gex 3 will end with a big FIN!!!