The last of the Gex franchise is a good platformer, but only a few flaws hold it back.

User Rating: 7.5 | Gex: Deep Cover Gecko PS
What movies had easy-to-remember punchlines that are worth repeating? Well, Gex certainly knows which ones. For those who don't know who the hell Gex is, let me give you the skinny.

In 1995, a company known as Crystal Dynamics (who are also known for making Whiplash and Tomb Raider Anniversary) released a game called "Gex", a side-scrolling 2D platformer for the Sony PlayStation, PC, Sega Saturn, and the 3DO. The game featured different themed levels and voice-overs from HBO comedian Dana Gould (who voices Gex). The game was a success, so a sequel had to be in the works. The sequel, entitled "Gex: Enter the Gecko" for the PlayStation, or "Gex 64: Enter the Gecko" for the N64, was released 3 years later and published by Midway (Mortal Kombat, Gauntlet). The game featured a 3D perspective, more one-liners from comedian Dana Gould, and found a new way to "get some tail". One year later, another game was in the works after the positive reviews of "Enter the Gecko" on the PlayStation and N64. This time, Eidos Interactive, the company responsible for the Tomb Raider and Hitman franchises, published the game. The game turned out to be pretty damn good, but only has a few flaws pulling it back.

Gex 3: Deep Cover Gecko takes the role of Gex and his turtle servant Alfred, who were watching the news and were having some R & R after the last game. While watching the news, they find out that Gex's sexy Agent Xtra (played by Baywatch's Marliece Andrada) went missing. Agent Xtra calls in on the big screen saying that Gex's arch nemesis Rez is back and kidnaped her to get to him, also having his underlings attacking the Gex Cave in the process. It is up to Gex to find out where Agent Xtra is hiding by going through different movie-themed levels, collect remotes, and stop Rez.

Let's talk about the graphics. The graphics in this game aren't really that bad. It's pretty good by PlayStation standards. However, during gameplay, there can be some perspective issues, and the only way it can be fixed is by adjusting the camera, so that flaw can be completely avoidable. Just don't adjust the camera too much that you could mess up on a jump. The scenery can also be pretty funny at times. Some of the scenery also can be pretty crude, which is one reason why the game is rated T.

The gameplay is similar to the previous game "Enter the Gecko". The camera problem has been fixed, and the gameplay has also been tweaked. There are Bonus Coins hidden in each level and sections of the Gex Cave. You can collect these coins to play bonus games that can be found throughout the Gex Cave. Collect a certain amount, and the bonus game will be open. In the bonus games, you are given a time limit to complete a certain task. If time runs out, the game ends and you'll be returned to the Gex Cave. If you manage to complete the bonus game, you'll earn an extra life. As with bonus games, Secret games are also available. There are 4 of them, one of them using music and scenery from "Akuji: The Heartless", which was about to be released at the time, like an advertiser. The difference between the bonus levels and the secret levels is that they do not cost remotes or bonus coins. Like the bonus games, you are given a time limit to collect 50 fly coins as either Gex, his friend Rex, or Gex's cousin. After getting all 50 coins, you have the rest of the time remaining to get a piece of a key for the Gex vault. What's inside it? Well, that's up to you to find out. As for the rest of the game, there are several paw coins that you'll stumble across. Getting 25 of them will add one hit point to your health. There are also 100 fly coins in each level, including the sections of the Gex Cave. Getting 50 of them gives you an extra life. Getting all 100 fly coins gives you an extra remote. Note that there are 4 remotes in each level. Each level, there are 3 missions. Complete one of the missions, and the exit will open, containing a remote. You can repeat a completed mission just for fun, but you will not receive a remote when you reach the exit.

The sound is what you'd expect out of a cartoon-like game. Of course, comedian Dana Gould is back once again as Gex, saying one-liners from different movies like National Lampoon's Animal House and whatnot, and TV shows. I guess that's what happens when you become a TV addict. Sometimes, the one-liners can get annoying. You'd wish they put in more funny one-liners. But, quality voice takes doesn't make a game. You do have the option on turning them off if you want to. The music on the other hand, does match each stage, however it is tiring to hear the Gex 3 theme repeating itself. But I do love the remixes of the song in the Anime, Army, and Holiday levels.

The game does have its moments, and it can be a bit tiresome after a while. The game will also take you about 8-12 hours to get everything. Overall, this game is not bad. It isn't up to gaming standards, but it is a PlayStation game. What do you expect? This game is worth playing for any platform gamer. It may not be a Super Mario 64 or a Spyro the Dragon, but it is a game from a big series that later fell off over the years.