Game review no 1

User Rating: 10 | Getsu Fuuma Den NES
Game name? Getsufuu Maden

Platform? NES

Any form of leveling? Yes - You power up your sword as you slay enemies

Longest sittingplaying this game? 75 minutes

Would you recommendthis game to a friend? No

First and foremost, I have to explain how I do my reviews. For each argument, I score 1 point if I was unimpressed, 2 points if I wasn't neither impressed or unimpressed and 3 points if I was impressed.

I take into account the date of release in my reviews.

Graphics: 2 points
Music: 2 points
Gameplay: 2 points
Tilt: 2 points

Score = 8

Written by Erdrick 9009