Can a Arcade game be this addicting? With this game, you'll find that out when you first play it.

User Rating: 8.7 | Geometry Wars: Retro Evolved X360
Geometry Wars is an excellent Arcade title anyone can pick up and play a little before they go to school, work or wherever they need to go.

The Gameplay of this game is just really fun and highly addicting. Its just pure retro oldschool fun. Its like asteroids just with better graphics, sound, and is retro. You play a little circular space ship that plays on this bluish graph paper and shoots these little shapes that pop up and thy to kill you. There are like 7 or 8 different shapes and each are harder as the game goes on. If one of the shapes touch you, you’re dead. Overall the gameplay is just really addicting trying to get the high score. Only bad is the no multiplayer.

The Graphics for this game are just amazing for the style of game that it is. As you shoot the shapes, they blowup and look like fireworks. While playing the game, this was me, "ooooooooo, ahhhhhhhh, ooooooooo, ahhhhhhh, Oh crap, I died." Its really distracting just because its so pretty. So the graphics are really nice.

The Sound is the really only downpart of this game. Its techno music that is ok but is really bad after you hear the name music over and over again. The effects are nice and you know what shape is coming because of the sound. But the real good way to get rid of the music is to just put your own music on to make it better. So the sound could have been better.

So overall this is really teh best choice for an Arcade title. So if you have any Microsoft Points, be sure to check this one out. Very nice Arcade title