Gemini Rue Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    Evade the Boryokudan rather than fight them Diplomacy
    Be able to control both Azriel & Delta-Six Geminis
    Analyze a photo using the terminal Give me a Hard Copy
    Complete all fights without losing any health Golden Gun
    Heal the fellow Man on Barracus Good Samaritan
    Complete all Center 7 Exams without any strikes Grade A Student
    Find all 6 hidden notes in Center 7 Mementos
    Find all Database Articles Research Paper
    Complete the game once Rue the Commentary
    Complete the game once Rue the Day
    Find all 3 extra ammo magazines Scavenger
    Find all 4 hidden Easter Egg Characters Space Cowboy
    Take the stairs instead of the elevator Stair master
    Escape center 7 without losing any health The Great Escape

    Contributed by: Guard Master