An excellent side-scrolling 3D action game you don't want to miss! True score: 9.2

User Rating: 9 | Gekido: Urban Fighters (Best of Infogrames) PS
This game reminds me the hours I spent playing Streets of Rage 2 and the fun I had playing it. Fortunatly this genre is still popular among retro-gamers and even modern casual gamers.

Gekido as an addictive and easy-to-learn gameplay, with several combos that are different, depending on the characters or the weapon/object you're using.

When you start the story mode, you can either select Ushi, Tetsuo, Michelle, or Travis or even play it with a friend in a cool multiplayer. Each one of the caracters as a unique perspective on the story. In order to complete the game and unlock all the hidden characters you'll have to play the story mode with all the characters. There is also an Arena mode with 4 players at the same time.

The sound isn't that impressive as the rest of the game, due to the lack of music variety and repetitive sound effects, but the adrenaline of the game covers it up.

The visuals are sweet, with detailed scenarios and characters and a good variety of enemys, preventing the game to become too repetitive.

This is defenetly a good buy, especially if you're a fan of the good ol' side scrolling games but if you're not, this a good game to become one.
The great visuals, addictive gameplay, excellent multiplayer and variety of characters and game modes makes this game worth every penny.