Gekido Advance: Kintaro's Revenge Cheats For Game Boy Advance

  1. Chapter Passwords (UK Version)

    Chapter One - The Deathtoll Rises : Press Start Game d'oh!
    Chapter Two - The Three Seals : MIMMO
    Chapter Three - The Ancient Book : HURRY
    Chapter Four - Searching For Koji : FLASH
    Chapter Five - The Final Battle : QUEEN

    Contributed by: r0mz2k 

  2. Chapter Passwords (for Chapter 4 and 5)

    Chapter 4 with all Credits (8):

    Chapter 5 with all Credits (9):

    Contributed by: strid3r 

  3. Unlimited energy

    For unlimited energy you have to insert CRAZY in the password menu. You will get back to the title screen after that.

    Contributed by: strid3r 

  4. Unlimited Speed

    Enter the password screen and type in ''STARS''. Tetsuo will now have Perma-speed

    Contributed by: elitek02 

  5. End of Game password

    This password is for the last level

    Effect Effect
    notte end of game

    Contributed by: aarondarkk 

  6. Chapters 2~5 Passwords

    These passwords work for the NA version of the game.

    Effect Effect
    SACCO Password for Chapter 2
    TAPPO Password for Chapter 3
    TEMPO Password for Chapter 4
    BECCO Password for Chapter 5

    Contributed by: ultron 

  7. Passwords with specific number of credits (US version)

    Number of Credits (Continues) includes the one you're playing with at the moment.

    DUOVA Stage 2 with 2 Credits
    LINEA Stage 2 with 3 Credits
    MENTO Stage 2 with 4 Credits
    VIALE Stage 2 with 5 Credits
    PORTO Stage 2 with 6 Credits
    SACCO Stage 2 with 7 Credits
    PESCA Stage 3 with 2 Credits
    BOCCA Stage 3 with 3 Credits
    LUSSO Stage 3 with 4 Credits
    VIDEO Stage 3 with 5 Credits
    SALSA Stage 3 with 6 Credits
    GERGO Stage 3 with 7 Credits
    TAPPO Stage 3 with 8 Credits
    PASTA Stage 4 with 2 Credits
    ZUPPA Stage 4 with 3 Credits
    COSTA Stage 4 with 4 Credits
    OCCHI Stage 4 with 5 Credits
    SISTO Stage 4 with 6 Credits
    TESTA Stage 4 with 7 Credits
    BUSTO Stage 4 with 8 Credits
    TEMPO Stage 4 with 9 Credits
    COLLO Stage 5 with 02 Credits
    NESSO Stage 5 with 03 Credits
    GALLO Stage 5 with 04 Credits
    NOTTE Stage 5 with 05 Credits
    VERDE Stage 5 with 06 Credits
    ROSSO Stage 5 with 07 Credits
    ACQUA Stage 5 with 08 Credits
    SONNO Stage 5 with 09 Credits
    BECCO Stage 5 with 10 Credits

    Contributed by: Ryukenden 

  8. Unlimited Energy (U.S. version)

    Select Password from the title screen. When the password screen comes up, type in a code to either return to a stage or to generate an effect.

    [Note: This code is for the U.S. version of the game and was found by another person. I take no credit for this, but it should be entered into Gamefaqs.]

    Effect Effect
    PIZZA You will return to the title screen. Start a new game and you will have unlimited energy

    Contributed by: Webapprentice 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

Type Name File Size
General FAQs FAQ by Golaith 4K

Gekido Advance: Kintaro's Revenge Cheats For PlayStation 4

  1. Trophies

    Complete each requirement to unlock the specified trophy.

    Collect 10 Relics 10 Relics
    Collect 1st Relic 1st Relic
    Collect 20 Relics 20 Relics
    Collect 30 Relics 30 Relics
    Collect 40 Relics 40 Relics
    Collect 5 Relics 5 Relics
    Platinum Platinum
    Complete "Searching for Koji" Searching for Koji
    Survive 10th Stage Survive 10th Stage
    Survive 1st Stage Survive 1st Stage
    Survive 2nd Stage Survive 2nd Stage
    Survive 3rd Stage Survive 3rd Stage
    Survive 4th Stage Survive 4th Stage
    Survive 5th Stage Survive 5th Stage
    Survive 6th Stage Survive 6th Stage
    Survive 7th Stage Survive 7th Stage
    Survive 8th Stage Survive 8th Stage
    Survive 9th Stage Survive 9th Stage
    Complete "The Ancient Book" The Ancient Book
    Complete "The Deathtoll Rising" The Deathtoll Rising
    Complete "The Final Battle" The Final Battle
    Complete "The Three Seals" The Three Seals

    Contributed by: Mookiethebold