Geeksos Cheats For PC

  1. Steam Achievements

    This title has a total of 43 Steam Achievements. Meet the specified conditions, where applicable, to receive the Achievement.

    Install Adrenaline Injector Adrenaline Injector
    Install Aiming Scanner Aiming Scanner
    Install Automatic Download Automatic Download
    Go through the secret departments of Game Arts. Behind closed doors
    Find out, who is getting information about users. Big brother
    Install Bio-analyzer Bio-analyzer
    Install Cloaking Field Cloaking Field
    Choose your future. Closing deal
    Install Combat Augmentation 1 Combat Augmentation 1
    Install Combat Augmentation 2 Combat Augmentation 2
    Install Combat Augmentation 3 Combat Augmentation 3
    Install Cord Enhancement 1 Cord Enhancement 1
    Install Cord Enhancement 2 Cord Enhancement 2
    Install Cord Enhancement 3 Cord Enhancement 3
    Install Cord Enhancement 4 Cord Enhancement 4
    Take Game Arts main office by storm. Corporation of Evil
    Install Cyber eye Cyber eye
    Install Datajack 1 Datajack 1
    Install Datajack 2 Datajack 2
    Install Datajack 3 Datajack 3
    Install Energy Distributor Energy Distributor
    Install External Booster External Booster
    Install External Targeting External Targeting
    Check the old Game Arts archive. Good old games
    Install Internal Stabilizer Internal Stabilizer
    Install Kinetic Absorber Kinetic Absorber
    Run away from your kidnappers. Mind games
    Find out what happened to the abducted people. Playtest
    Install Power Cell 1 Power Cell 1
    Install Power Cell 2 Power Cell 2
    Install Power Cell 3 Power Cell 3
    Install Power Cell 4 Power Cell 4
    Install Reaction Booster Reaction Booster
    Visit your old job. Shackles from the past
    Install Smartlink Smartlink
    Take care of two gangs. Street fighters
    Get information from the DDD gang. Street knowledge
    Install Subdermal armor 1 Subdermal armor 1
    Install Subdermal armor 2 Subdermal armor 2
    Install Subdermal armor 3 Subdermal armor 3
    Install Subdermal armor 4 Subdermal armor 4
    Install Synthetic Muscles Synthetic Muscles
    Get out from the fire. Warm greetings

    Contributed by: Eevee-Trainer