a mediocre copy of XCOM

User Rating: 6 | Gears Tactics PC

firstly, I'm not a fan of gears series since I only play strategy games. but when I had heard a tactical turn-based version of gears was released , I decided to give it a shot and .... well, actually it was not horrible but not also that good to convinced me play all campaign missions and I uninstalled it after several missions. I've played XCOM enemy unknown and enemy within along with XCOM 2 and war of chosen which were all excellent games. I've also tried some other titles such as XCOM Chimera Squad and Phoenix Point, which were fine and I put gears tactics right below them. although it run smooth and almost bug free and presents a long campaign in gears universe, there are some big issues:

- lack of originality and creative elements: it is just a copy of XCOM elements with some minor new features, and the point is it is not even as good as the first XCOM (enemy unknown) which is 8 years older, and in all aspects even graphic and sounds I prefer the old game.

- repetitive missions: it becomes a tedious experience after the first few missions. objectives, environments and enemies don't have enough variety and you feel that doing the same things again and again.

- storyline is not attractive. base camp, character customization and skill tree are not interesting enough at least in comparison with XCOM standards.

overall, it seems the producers were intended to satisfy old fans of series and also attract strategy players, but the result can't do any of these. this game isn't a good choice for the gears fans who are not interested in this genre, and even for tactical turn-based lovers since there are many better options in the market. my advice: reinstall XCOM instead of buying this one!