Basic tactics game with a Gears twist.

User Rating: 6 | Gears Tactics PC

Gears tactics can be fun, but it's very repetitive. You will see a lot of the same missions. Before I go into that, Gear Tactics is a game where you pick different characters, get dropped into the battlefield and then you will have a certain amount of moves to either move your character, attack, block or use a grenade. You will not see much variation once you are a few hours in. Once you drop into a mission, you will see these same missions many more times except with different enemies. It's fun of course but I would prefer an exploration aspect. Literally you are just dropped in a mission, complete the objective and then you are back at the main menu, where you level up and get ready for the next mission. The level designs are pretty basic, you start at one end of the map and usually the enemies spawn around you and you move forward and then back to the spawn point to leave the level. The gear in the game is okay, you never obtain new weapons, just add to existing ones. The battles can be fun and the boss battles add more strategy to the gameplay. I just think there is a lot of room to improve!! The story is lame and the same old tough-guy Gears storyline. No depth here... but solid basic mechanics.