Ok so I've just beat it in one shot on casual difficulty: GAME SUCKS AT THE END, RAMM MADE ME REALLY MAD...wtf?

User Rating: 7 | Gears of War X360
WITHOUT LAST BOSS THIS GAME WOULD"VE deserved a 9, but no they had to be stupid and make this boss so damn hard...really are you that stupid?

What those imbacil that made this game were thinking by making last boss so hard? I"M PLAYING on CASUAL!!!

WEll overall this game is mediocre fun, they diversify the action and everything...but RAMM is too damn hard at the end, all the fun that the game gave me was killed by me being so angry because it was stupid. THe only way I beat him is looking at youtube video how to rush to the gun, so I fell cheated.
Come one after first 7 shots from stupid sniper rifle he should've been dead.

OOOH and If i wanted challenge, not casual playing I owuld've played on hardcore mode...ok?

So remake the game where the boss is easier then I give it like a 9.