Gears of war was a straight masterpiece and an instant classic.

User Rating: 10 | Gears of War X360
Gears of war was an amazing game.This game will grow on you very easily and it is really addicting.The gameplay of Gears of war was really good and the axe gun has already becomame a classic gun on the x box 360.It was a great co op game to play because you played as two really cool character Marcus who is the main character and Dom who is the second main character of the game.Such as Batman and Robin.This game at certain points gave you really difficult challenges through out the video game.The multiplayer was also a really cool and successful feature that they made in this Gears of War.Gears of war was definetley a superb game and is worth buying if you did not already.Overall this game is a 10/10 masterpiece and can't wait until they come out with more gears of war games but it will be very difficult to surpass this gears of war game.