Great opening for a trilogy

User Rating: 9 | Gears of War X360
Hello everyone,

After my 5th go at the game, this is my official review for the first Gears of War. This game can be some up in one word. AWESOME. The story line is quite different from other shooters of it generation and the concept is quite interesting. Gear of War takes the concept of cover from the Rainbow Six and make it a little more easier. For those that has played some of the original Tom Clancy games, you know that without cover; your ass is pretty f**k (as in instant kill). Even if it is a third person shooter, this game has everything you want in a game. A good and engaging story line, none stop action and explosion and, wait, the selling point, a campaign co-op. That's right. A co-op campaign mode. If you are a Gear-o-fan, you should read the first book (Aspho Field) before playing the game. It will give you some interesting details and the book/games are very well coordinated story line wise.

The graphic of the game is pretty good even if you sometime run into some color and texture problem here and there but, it is not often and will not cause any problem. There is a couple of problems in the game play but, nothing serious. You might get stuck on a site and need to restart the level. Nothing major and happens maybe twice for me.

Conclusion, if you are in the market for a good shooter. This is a must buy for you. The story line will make you want to come back once in a while and play the game to the end. The action will make it interesting to play and replay the game.