I wish I can get my money back.

User Rating: 1.5 | Gears of War PC
I was very excited about this game but to my surprise the game is a no starter on my brand new rig on which I play COD 4 and Crysis with no problems. Tried to install and start the game for more than a week and finally succeeded but the game kept crashing after maybe 10 minutes of play. Bummer. A total disappointment. Ok, so I pull out my 3 year old rig out of retirement and the game starts with no problems. Amazing. Nice graphics, great shooting. I really started enjoying it and played about six hours. Next day I try to continue and F..., no "saved games on this device" or something like that message pops up. Ok, so maybe a minor bug or something, so I ran the game again. This time went Ok all the way to somewhere around "ACT 5" where I fought that huge beast. I'm not very good at these things so it took me like 20 or more tries before I finally succeeded in destroying the arm guns and the rider. Ok, great. Today, I update "Windows Live" thinking maybe they fixed bugs and start the game --- oh, my freaking god, no checkpoints saved AGAIN. I'm not gonna played the same chapters again. So I thought maybe if I go into multiplayer maybe I'll have some fun and make some quick progress. Nobody's playing this game or maybe I can't see any servers. Thanks whoever is responsible for wasting my time and money. At the end I just feel like a fool trying so hard to make this game work. A piece of programing junk.