Probably the best 3rd person shooter on the Xbox 360.

User Rating: 9.5 | Gears of War X360
Gears of War is in my opinion a highly addictive game on the Xbox 360.

Gameplay- Amazing especially because they have a cover system so you can use almost anything as cover. You can also roll in any direction and run really fast which is called roadie run. The shooting is great. So overall the gameplay is amazing.

Graphics- For 2006 these graphics are the best graphics I seen for a game this year. The effects whenever you chainsaw or kill or headshot someone are amazing and the way the game is shiny which makes the graphics look real. The background and the character models,everything looks realistic!

Multiplayer- The multiplayer has four gametypes, Warzone, Assasination, Execution, and Annex. Warzone is basically elimination and if you get downed someone has to revive you. Assasination is basically Warzone just there is a leader on both teams and if the leader dies the round is automatically over. Execution is the exact same as Warzone except you can revive yourself by mashing on the a button until you get up. Annex is basically King of the hill, You go into a ring, for each second you or a teammate is in the ring you get a point.

Overall Gears of War is a must have shooter for the Xbox 360, and with the price its at now at gamestop this is a great deal for a great game!