Realy cool game but...

User Rating: 8.9 | Gears of War X360
this is a fantastic game and in my opinion the best game I have on the X360 but there is one problem well two excualy..

first the graphics: just beautifull next-gen all over again... I played it at a friends place who has a HD-TV and it looked realy cool. I still don't have the money for such a TV....=( =(

gameplay: realy cool especially the chainsaw and the curbkill... it never bores! the multiplayer is also realy cool (I always play with the locust...).And I'll also recomend the co-op campaign..

now the negatives: It looks and sounds realy cool (don't get me wrong) but the single player is just to short in my opinion and on the normal difficulty it is to easy too! within 15hours i completed the game i believe..and I started the game again (for the achievements ofcourse) on hardcore (hard) difficulty but after chapter 2 I just qiut playing the game....why?? I don't know..

It realy is a great game but why couldn't they strech the campaign a bit? money perhaps? or maybe with an update in the future? overall it's a very good game but expected more of it.......