Great game with a few bugs. Simply amazing story,graphics, and gameplay Superb detail, cinematography, character

User Rating: 9.5 | Gears of War PC
That name says it all. The world in Gears of War is demolished, but at the same time utterly beautiful because it doesn't look fabricated. It looks like our world would if it fell under such an attack. The detail is absolutely absurd. It's painfully evident that EPIC poured their hearts into every staircase, floor, ravaged ceiling, obliterated structure, clogged artery, vehicle, puddle, and cavern in the game. Every inch has detail. No matter how beautiful, so many other elements need to click; and here, they bellow. The cinematography, pacing, script, and AI, all do their parts respectively. The single-player campaign certainly begins as superb duck 'n cover, but duck 'n cover alone a great game does not make. In one area in particular they use a rickety wood floor to great effect. Things go from manic, to eerily quiet, to horrific, to pant-wetting…and the dialogs supports it all in stride, as does the in-game cinematography, and the cut-scenes. You live this game; you care about your squad and when you're offered a choice of routes you think long and hard about what awaits you depending on the lay of the land. Tight corridors and open streets both pose formidable yet different challenges. You will die in Gears and have to use head to overcome certain situations. EPIC has built a non-linear world into a linear adventure. They utilize not only day and night cycles but the world in a way I've never experienced. I've seen multiple paths and evolving gameplay before, just never at this level.