A needless remaster that isn't much of a remaster

User Rating: 6 | Gears of War: Ultimate Edition XONE

The voice acting and the sound track still lives up after all these years.

It's not that much of a remaster. I didn't really care much for how the characters looked and felt that outside of the cut scenes, It's not visually impressive at all. I much prefer how the game looked back when it was first released.

Game Play:
Oddly enough, They didn't try to fix the few hiccups with the game play. Using the lancer chainsaw is very slow and awkward, As well as walking around with it active. Recoil is a huge pain. It's those small issues that sort of take away from it. I really wish they addressed those issues while making the game.

Contains all of the DLC from the original release. The multiplayer is still fun to play. Suffers from plenty of visual bugs plus lag, Examples of bugs would be the lancer chainsaw animation not cutting through enemies and instead just sort of lingering above their head while they appear to be cut apart. Annoyingly still has those grind filled Gears achievements that we love to hate. You will die quickly and often so be prepared for a lot of frustration while playing. For a "remaster", There's not much of a difference visually.

Overall: 6/10
If you own a 360 and the original Gears of War, Stick with that. This release is no where near as good as the original and doesn't capture what made the first game so great. It suffers from a lot of bugs and lag that sort of hampers the campaign and the multiplayer.