Need all installments of Gears of War on PC. This game never fails to astonish. Simply, brilliant shooter.

User Rating: 10 | Gears of War PC

This game centered around your squad and yourself Marcus Fenix is definitely a benchmark for other shooter games to herald.

The cover system in this game is exceptionally well made, as are the powerful weapons and the arsenal you carry. Your foes are hardened AI who can take in a lot of damage. The atmosphere created by level design is very good. You play as Marcus Fenix, the squad leader in this shooter that combines action from start to finish. You fight varied enemies and are often fighting most of the game from within cover.

Your enemies are smart and they try to inch in closer to you by moving cover to cover while at the same time some of them try to keep you pinned down by firing at you.

Some of the levels are mind boggling and the difficulty level is also challenging. The last level particularly is very tough. That's just my opinion though.

In all this one is a master stroke from start to finish and my only wish is to have gears of war all installments on PC.