Who is still playing GoW 1?

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I remember geting this game in December 2006. I generally play twice a year for a week at a time. I wish i played more but whenever i get on no one ever talks and its hard to work as a team. I was curious to see if people still wanted to work together and talk on this game?

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Honestly after playing Gears 2 (overkill) and Gears 3 (half as much). I began to miss playing the oringal dark and gritty gears. Hearing that the PC version had an extra chapter to it I always wanted to play it, but couldnt because of my Dell B110. Now that I am getting a Lenovo Y580 to game on I plan on getting Gears 1 for PC because frankly I remember fond memories of Gears 1 while gears 2 and 3 were improvements in certian aspects, but just like having access to a Modern Sporting Rifles, the old ones have their appeal to them that really bring back the memories of being a kid.

Mainly saying I will get this game when I can since I remember having the fondest and funniest of memories with it and even though it lacks in some parts compared to future gears games. You cant beat the feel it gives saying, "dark, gritty, chainsawing, music, compared to Halo 3 and the first of my kind" at least for me. Becuase back in the day when this game came out things were A LOT different with G4, TV, Gaming, the world and how things are now compared to back then so I find getting this game again a real treat and enjoyable run.


Sorry for such a long response. Its just this game has so many fond memories attached to it.

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I wish i still had a working 360. im thinking of getting a new one just so i can play this and 3 and judgment. (never played 3 and obviously havent played judgment yet) i played 2, but cant remember a single mission that i enjoyed. i recall the mechanics being improved (like being able to be rescued while playing by myself, but not a single mission that really stood out. now for the original, holy crap i loved so many levels in this game, it is one of the few games where i wanted to play on hard mode. (I usually only play easy, because i get frustrated from dying so much... i play for fun not bragging rights) but this was a game where i wanted to do well in.

what i am saying is i loved this game so much. as far as multiplayer, i enjoyed it i suppose, but i spent more time watching from spectator mode as i spent a lot of time dying, regardless of how conservative i played... i remember the level ever the canal as being my least favourite.

so to answer your, question, i am not playing this, but want to again in the future on campaign mode.