Gears of War Achievement Events. Everyone is welcomed.

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Wassup fellow Gears. I'm the Overlord of a clan caalled BRG (Black Raven Gaming) My gamertag is The 1 Man Armyx. Sorry for the short notice but my clan is hosting an achievement session for gears of war 1 multiplayer and gears of war 2 multiplayer & horde. May 16th will be Gears 1 and Nay 17th will be Gears 2.If you need achievementsand wanna play in a full room without worrying about quitters then feel free to join us. Messsage me on xbox live or here for more info or to particiaapte.

Also, check out the website to see what we are about. If you like to play sci-fi shooters like gears of war, halo, crysis and more then BRG might be for you. Check it out at least. Hopefully I see you soon.


Gamertag: The 1 Man Armyx