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I was actually surprised by this game. Ive been with the Gears series since the first one and Ive always marveled how they can keep pumping out good sequels. I like GOW 2 better than 1, and I thought 3 was the best yet. And then Judgement... I really wondered how they messed this up. I wonder of someone new is in charge

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I guess it all comes down to opinion at the end.

Gears 1 has the best Campaign out of all of them.Cant speak for mp cuz i did not play it.

Gears 2 was alot of fun in my opinion.Campaign was weak,but i loved warzone,played the hell out of it.Lots of fun,good times.

Gears 3 has decent single player but worst MP out of all of them.Gears 2 mp is alot less frustrating than Gears 3 mp in my opinion.

Judgement may aswell not have come with a campaign,it was just plain boring,but the mp i am impressed with.The changes they made to TDM are good in my opinion.

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And the only thing that really bothers me about judgement is the shortage of maps,2-piecing,and no horde.

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Judgment has the funnest campaign imo (declassified and S3) but the worst MP by far, in terms of both balance and because they changed everything. battles play out now whomever has the power weapons wins. This is the first gears of war I am going to return.