my favorite Xbox One exclusive so far.

User Rating: 8 | Gears of War 4 XONE
Gears of War 4 surprised me a lot, and it was because my first impressions of the game were not so good, the game simply changed for me after a game encounter, then the plot started to become interesting for me, the plot has 2 parts , the first one that shows the great war in Sera and part 2 that is the main one that we started to control JD Fenix, the son of the legend Marcus Fenix, the graphics are sensational, the gameplay is great, the game continues being frenetic, much action, but now the cutscenes have gained more prominence and all are good, the game is very fun, has funny moments, the game is easy in relation to others in the saga, especially the first, had no moment in the game that I stuck for no The game has a problem in being a bit too hasty (something that happened in 1 as well), the final was made just to have a 5 game and I think it a problem, I did not need to solve it so fast, but the GA I have excellent moments, and the dialogues are very good and the voice work is great, a must-have game for all Xbox One and Pc players. Note 84