Great game

User Rating: 8 | Gears of War 4 XONE

Gears 4's story is catching some flak from some reviewers. LOL a game's story? Really? None of these things are delivering Shakespeare, you know? Anyhoo, set 25 years after Gears 3 and the new COG isn't exactly fair and balanced. In fact, their soldiers aren't even human. Kinda fun twist that presents a new faction with new tactics to engage with. Also with them are two of my favorite new weapons, the sub machine gun and the Overkill automatic shotgun. The embar rifle is tricky but packs a punch once you get the firing timing down and killing some larger mechanized enemies yields tri-gun heavy machine guns and 4salvo rocket launchers.

The dialogue is subtle but unless you have made up your mind already (I find the main problem with people is they decide before reading, seeing, or playing entertainment) it is done well enough to gather the main three characters have known each other a while. They discover a new threat of organic creatures that takes humans one night and enlist the advice of JD Fenix's father, Marcus. And the 4 are off after JD gives Marcus a piece of evidence that peaks his interest.

These new enemies, labeled swarm by Del (he comes up with most of the monikers for enemies) are similar to the good ole Locust Gears fans know only in the form of Drones. But Juvies which make wretches seem like an annoying fly are trouble. Extremely quick in side to side movement and agile so any surface can be traversed, these swarm and are very challenging to get a bead on with a weapon. Letting them in close for shotty blasts is the default strategy but playing on Hardcore at least, one needs to be careful as overwhelmed comes quickly after letting one in close.

Pouncers are my new love/hate enemy. The creature shown in the very first footage from E3 2015, it shoots organic quills from its tail, has a tough, bullet resistant hide so it will soak up much damage. The name comes from its penchant for pouncing on a player and causing fast damage.

Not looking to spoil all enemies to be faced, it is essentially still Gears. The movement additions like grabbing an opponent out of cover are very small button windows and getting caught reaching over cover to not make the grab leaves one very exposed. It has been my death a couple of times. The mantle kick or mantling in general is great because I no longer MUST slam up to cover and then mantle over. I can be full roadie sprinting and press B and not break stride which is a nice new addition. The Gears gameplay loop is the best TPS (Uncharted is fun but no, it doesn't match up in strictly TPS gameplay) imo. If you're tired of its gameplay then it isn't for you. Do not expect a totally mind blowing NEW experience. But if you like Gears, and that includes the tightest and most competitive TPS online, then this is for you.