The nostalgia is unshakeable...

User Rating: 9 | Gears of War 4 XONE

Gears of war was somewhat doomed from the get go after the first instalment, an absolute blockbuster exclusive, on what is easily recognised as the most successful console ever (Xbox 360).

I can never understand why some gamers or critics condemn games for being vastly better iterations of the same thing... Yes, we do want something new, but I'd much rather leave it out than it change a game for the worse and I felt that the series, after the original, had extreme up and down periods.

Gears 4 blows away any cobwebs in style with no scars to show for the faults of past titles. The movement is excellent, the servers are solid and the shots are crisp and weighty.

There is an abundance of new toys to play with and you'll find significant and familiar joy in mashing people with the ever dominant Gnasher. People may complain that the gun is too potent, but its in many ways, what makes Gears: Gears!

As far as campaigns go I think its a solid entry and an enjoyable play-through, but if I'm being totally honest, I would happily pay the full price for just the versus multiplayer; so the campaign although not without fault cannot possibly contribute to dropped points for this game. If anything its a bonus.

Gears multiplayer is famous for a reason and makes other recent releases for the new consoles look like arcade games, (not that theres anything wrong with arcade games)... But the game stands out head and shoulders above all other shooters on the market.

My one draw back with gears has always been its shot consistency. Although this has indeed been worked on significantly, there are still some, shall we say, 'spooky' occurrences that can become simply infuriating. Yet I seem to want more...

Besides this, the visuals are astounding, the frame rate is solid 60 frames in multiplayer and all the fun you ever had on gears simply enhanced. The Coalition have done a brilliant job for a first instalment in the new series and I can't wait for their work to continue.