This is what all Gears fans have been waiting for, filled with many surprises and it will shatter your expectations.

User Rating: 9.5 | Gears of War 3 X360
If you are Gears fan, or not, you will love this game. It's full of content and easter eggs waiting for you to find, the campaign is expertly paced, and much less linear than Gears 2, you could easily sink 15 hours or more if you play on Normal difficulty or harder, the campaign does start off in a way where people would think, "oh this is pretty much just Gears 2 with updated graphics", Once you get passed the first mission, the game will obliterate your expectations, especially with the crammed-full of surprises that is in Act 3, I will not say much more due to spoilers, but I must say, that you must play this game...

...But wait there's more, a great multiplayer with no more broken hit detection, lag, host advantage and it's no longer dominated by shotgunners, to appeal to newcomers. For people who love unlockables, the game has an almost infinite number of unlockables that should keep you occupied for years to come. Long story short, the multiplayer is damn near perfect, one good enough that newcomers and long time Gears veterans could appreciate...

But wait there's even MOAR, Horde... The giant... Meaty and most popular mode from Gears 2. Not only is it greatly improved, there's tons of unlocks, like sentry turrets and mech suits and the better you do each wave, the harder the enemies you'll get, so there's always a constant difficult, but fair challenge on the boss waves. The Horde mode alone is worth the purchase.

No, don't leave yet... That's right, THERE'S EVEN MORE. Beast. The new mode to Gears that turns the tables where you get to play as locust, it's a fun and challenging time attack mode that requires quick thinking and great teamwork.

All in all. Buy this game now, believe the hype, because the game lives up to it and more. This is definately a heavy GOTY contender. Yeah, I just said that. Gears 3 is a damn near perfect game, where you have to play it to believe it.

Gears 3 is a very memorable conclusion to one of the most iconic franchise in xbox history and gaming history for that matter. Buy it.