A great ending for a great trilogy.

User Rating: 10 | Gears of War 3 X360
Just when you thought the Gears of War story and gameplay couldn't get any better Epic Games brings an exciting, emotional, action packed game that is clearly one of the best games of the year as they bring this great story to a conclusion.

The human race is now really on the verge of being extinct as their last real hideout was revealed to the Locust horde. Now the Gears take cover in small forges, boats, and other places they can hide for awhile. With new weapons, teammates, and an emotional story as this exciting story comes to an end this game is the best in the series.

With great new locations, improved gameplay, and much bigger battlefields and a story ending for the ages this game once again proves that, although gameplay is still a very important part of gaming, story is just as important when creating a classic legendary trilogy and that is what Epic Games have accomplished.

+ Fantastic ending
+ Exciting, emotional story
+ Improved gameplay
+ New weapons
+ New squad members
+ Overall great game