willing to help people with achievements and to just play too.

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if anyone needs help with gears 3, let me know. i unlocked everything already and i have nothing else left to do on it, but i love playing it. so im willing to help.

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I'm game!   BRILLIANT!! :P

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Generous offer. Do you have a good team of players for earning high scores in Horde? My goal is around the top 1% rank for every map. I already have this or am super close for about 6 maps (of the 15 I know of) from playing online with random people. People quit so often in matchmaking, grrr...

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Greetings leon2365, xboxaficionado, KirinLime. I know this may seem strange but I am needing help with getting the 4 player co-op achievement. HOWEVER, all I need to do is complete the Prologue with 4 players. That's it. It should be quick but I can't find a party for it ever. If I can get some participants to help me out that would be great. In return, I wouldn't mind helping others attempting achievements as well. It's just been such a pain getting 4 players for the prologue though. I have all other parts completed with 4 players except that. gamertag: CSIscott