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Hey All! I'm looking for some friends for TDM (yes, forever alone :') ). I play every few days or so when I'm not working and have been looking for competent teammates. Quite frankly, I'm tired of getting mobbed in 4-5vs1's lol and I just need a Robin to my Batman. Nobody likes to go for the boomshot alone and meet the entire locust team with retros and gnashers out. I'd prefer if you had all those pesky map packs and if you were out of the white levels. I use lancer primarily, gnasher when necessary, and I've got a 2.2. I'm an aggressive territory capturer. 

Also, if you don't have the maturity level of a 20 year old (you can be 20 and act 10 and be 10 and act 20), just walk away from this here thread, partner.

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add me bro "SCoTTi SNiPE x"...im down to play any game mode, I have a mic and im a green level 23. And I rip **** me or send and invy

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add me GT: Jas0n Tayl0r (they are zeros). I mostly play TDM and KOTH. I use gnasher and lancer. I don't camp unless we are down by a ton. just inv me whenever you see me on, hopefully we can get a ranked match with a team of 5
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Gamertag is Kieduss. Lookin' for anyone who wants to pair up from time to time.

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Samnope18 join me, I love to snipe MD I'm looking for friends