How much DLC do you need to play on dedicated servers?

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I had 1600 microsoft points on my account and decided to download the Fenix Rising pack thinking that was all I needed to play on dedicated servers.  However, it said I also needed the Forces of Nature map pack.  I have enough points for both of those, but is there any other dlc I need besides the Fenix Rising and Forces of Nature (I got the Booster one because it was free) map packs? If there is, I might have just wasted 10 bucks because I'm not spending more than 20 on this.



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get the booster map pack and either fenix rising, or forces of nature map pack (or both). This game is unplayable without the dlc map packs. Its like gears 2 again..... 

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Do many people actually play on all the map packs? I remember as the population dwindelled in gears 2, it was impossible to play any game on maps packs and it is probably still like that.

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i have raam shadow and forces of nature map pack isnt that enough lol