For ppl who say ink stun isn't cheap.....

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So in military games, everyone agrees the noob tube is cheap as it's an area effect and you don't need aim to get kills. The inks in gears 2 have a massive area stun which 99% of the time results in death. Explain to me how that's different? 

Ink stun completely ruins this game. And yes, I know I could just use it too. But I prefer skill based games instead of a race to see who can get the cheap weapon first. **** you Epic for ruining an otherwise fun game.

PS. I am mad bro, don't bother asking.

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Yeah it bothers me too... not much we can do about it now though.
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The ink stun is annoying but Epic doesn't care. This game has been BS filled since the fenix rising map packs, bullet sponging, and just alot of inconsistent stuff that make you rage. I posted a video that my friend did that showed all the BS that goes on in this game over on the epic fourms. I was not bashing the game or trolling,  I was simply bring these issues to light in hopes that epic might look into fixing them. You know what they did to my post?!! deleted it!!!!!!!!! And about 20 people who posted in my topic agreed with the video I posted. WTF epic this makes me even mad that I even supported your game. 


Also I feel sorry for anyone that does have the dlc for this game. I played with a friend yesterday who does'nt have any of the dlc expect for the booster map pack and OMG this game is unplayable without the dlc and being on servers. That crap was like gears 2 again. Host advantage and lag to the max.