Gears of War 2 - a review about its offline co-op feature. Read on... Part 2.

User Rating: 9 | Gears of War 2 X360
..This is in continuation of my Gears of War offline co-op review....

Well, after finishing Gears of War, we decided to go ahead and complete Gears of War 2. You know, when you play a video game in a multiplayer mode, you tend to put way more emphasis on the pure fun, rather than exploring or taking notice of the story. When a company manages to involve you in the story however, you are in for a treat.
Playing Gears of War 2 with a friend in an offline co-op mode (split-screen) is as much fun, if not more that playing online. This is the feature that made me buy the series in the first place, as i put very high importance in the social aspect of video games, and by social i mean interaction within the same room. Not many games have this feature anymore, so its own presence makes this game another gem for the Xbox 360 owner.

Gears 2 is even better, improved version of Gears 1, which has really engaging story, and even more fun gameplay. My review points of it strongly resemble my review of Gears 1, but the whole ride has been spectacular and epic.

Even if you are not a Gears fan, but you are looking for some offline co-op games (you do not have Golden Live account or you are like me and much rather have a "close" interactive play) this is must have game and i guarantee you that you will have lots and lots of fun, not to mention the engaging story and humorous moments throughout.