A nice improvement to a perfect formula.

User Rating: 9 | Gears of War 2 X360
Gears 1 was and is, to this day, one of the greatest titles and experienced ever played by gamers. Epic comes through again and gives us more with Gears 2, which continues the story and adds improvements to really polish things up further and make the experience much better.

From the start, I noticed that the environments and atmosphere didn't feel so claustrophobic as they did in Gears 1. They are much more open areas and wider battlefields. The battles take place in underground caverns, icy mountain areas, and even on moving trains cars and Rigs. It is truly an epic and dramatic experience throughout.

The locust are back in force and they not only seem smarter, but tougher to kill. If you do not finish off a downed locust, they can revive each other and send you to a world of hurt.

If Marcus goes down, now you can make him crawl towards Dom for a revive. Once in a while, I noticed Dom wouldn't respond. He would just stand there and take shots in the face as I was crawling to my death. It only happened twice so it was not a huge concern.

The graphics are much of the same but they still look fantastic. There were areas where I noticed some strange issues, such as floating rocks, and a weird cutoff area in the sky when looking up at the rain. Also, the rain this time around does not create the wet effect on the textures as it did in gears 1. Or at least i did not notice it. I was a little bummed that they removed the video options for Lucid, Vivid, Default. Not a huge deal, but I did like the Lucid look in Gears 1.

The game play feels great and the battles and firefights are awesome of course. The mulcher is by far one of the most powerful weapons in the game. Although you walk quite slow with it, it does massive amounts of damage once it spins up and fires away. The good thing is it doesn't take up a weapon slot. So you don;t have to worry about losing your precious torque bow or sniper rifle.

Using the locust as body shield works great! It's very strategic when you needs some extra protection in open areas and you just wanna run in and get head shots with the pistol. It's quite bad ass.

Overall, the game has been a very action packed, and I recommend this to anyone and everyone.