great but not as great as the first gears of war. the first one did so much right,it made the curve for #2 a challenge!!

User Rating: 9.5 | Gears of War 2 X360
this game look great. game play is better than number one. over all i think alot of time and effort wnet into this game and the payoff will be felt for the year to come.gears does one thing that halo never seemed to learn. this game is gears 2 not 1.5. what i mean is the game got better. i know that i'm playing a better game than the first one. halo NEVER did that and i'm not the only gamer who knows this and is not scared to tell the thruth about it. i've only just started the game and it is already the best fps for the 360. by the end of the week i'm sure that for me at least it'll be game of the year for the 360. today i plan to get my feet wet with the online witch to many is the only way to play. i can agree to some part of that but there times when we all must go it alone. if you are going to buy only one 360 game this year and youlike fps or if you stil have the first gears then get this game.