A large improvement on the original Gears of War. A very awesome game.

User Rating: 10 | Gears of War 2 X360
Okay I'll start with the graphics. Well we all know how good the graphics were in the original Gears of war game, don't we? The graphics in Gears 2 are better than that. I didn't think it'd be possible but it is.

The audio was great as well. In the previous game and this one explosions sounded like explosions, gun fire sounded like gun fire etc, etc.

The environment was also spectacular. You can throw a grenade and everything blows up and gets destroyed. Chunks of rock from your cover even get blown away.

The story was okay. The main story line was really good but if you pay attention all the characters(especially Dom) have their own little story line. They don't tell you enough about these though.

Anyway, The best thing about this game I think is the weapons. The Original Gears didn't have enough weapons! This one though has tons of them. More machine guns, more assualt rifles, more pistols and more types of grenades. You even get a shield!

Thanks for reading.