Definitely a solid game

User Rating: 9 | Gears of War 2 X360
Gears of War 2 is one of those games that your friends all assume you own if you're a shooter of any kind. They text you up to let you know a group of guys are digging it up and are playing this Friday night. It's that good of a game. The campaign starts off just right and action is around every corner. This game doesn't receive a ten for a few reasons. There are noticeable glitches within the game. It does take some of the fun away. Anywhere from headshot misses at certain points in the campaign to enemy weaponry automatically "tracing" you sometimes and killing you when you know it wasn't within reach. The headshot misses are disappointing. I ran into missions where, if you had the sniper rifle, you could not get a headshot. I roasted through ten or fifteen rounds but still, they looked like they were deflected or my reticle was moved from a doing not my own. Also, when playing horde and when you are doing phenomenally, guys can spawn at locations that are inside walls or in the air. Thus when you go to find him and kill him, it leaves you out in the open when the next wave spawns. Also, I ran into cover glitches as well. Dom was in front of me and I hit "a" to go to cover and Marcus was glued between the cover and Dom not even allowing me to aim with the "left trigger" button. With that aside, the game still has a solid campaign with great twists and turns as well as great voice acting. The visuals aren't too bad and the numerous foes are always fun to kill. Multiplayer modes and Horde mode ensure several hours of nonstop enjoyment by yourself or with friends. Kills are satisfying and the flow of the game is smooth.

Gears of War 2 is a must have for any type of shooter. Honestly, I didn't like the game at first glance but it grew on me as more and more friends played it with me. I'm telling ya, you need to try this game.