Graphics is probobly the majior role in this game. The Gameplay itself is repetitive and uneventful. Terrible sequal.

User Rating: 5 | Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows XBOX
Gameplay of the game is extremely repetitive and boring... totaly uneventful. There is some neat attacks and spells that you can learn later on with gold you collect but there really isn't anything "cool" about them. They tried to make an intresting RPG with many possibilities and magic spells but all they created was an unfun uneventfull uninspired repetitive peice of garbage and could of been so much more.

Graphics are quite desent in this game at least for Xbox standars and graphics is what Gauntlet needed and it fullfills that need with its great visuals. But there are quite a few glitches and mistakes you will surely find within gameplay.

Sound is repetitive and extremely annoying. I whouldn't listen to this stuff ever. Garbage.. garbage is all it will be. all it is is repetitive bum bum bum da da bum bum bum. I don't think anyone whould buy the sound track. In one word.. mute!

Value, hmm value? Well if you collect RPGs and love them sadly you won't find very much fun in this game enless you look really hard.. overall I'm gunna have to say I enjoyed it for awhile but then its just gone like that.


The Good, there are some RPG things an RPG fan whould like and upgrades you'd enjoy and the graphics are pretty good.

The Bad, this game is all hack and slash and not enough fun and story. Gauntlet lost its fun addictive gameplay with this game. And who the heck approved the music and sound for this game. And the game itself is short lame and easy.

Gauntlet legends was awesome and thsi game took all the fun out of it :(