There's no nice way to put it, I hated this game.

User Rating: 2 | Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows PS2
Seven Sorrows promised RPG elements and I was thinking this was going to be Baldur's Gate, Gauntlet-style. Unfortunately Midway's latest Gauntlet game didn't even come close to it's predecessor.

Dark Legacy was a much better game, and if I had known that this was a horrible attempt to remake it with more of a hack n' slash feel.
playing Seven Sorrows feels like playing Dark Legacy all over, but with less characters and features.

If you liked the last Gauntlet, stick with it and don't bother.
Now for the break-down.

Gameplay: 1, horrifyingly boring and mindlessly repetitive.

Graphics: 7, pretty good graphics. Not bad, but not amazing.

Sound: 5, about the same as before, but the voice of the Summoner is absent making it seem empty.

Replayability: -5, It barely has any playability! I didn't even make it past the first level I was so bored out of my mind!

Value: It's not worth buying at all, not even renting. But if you're a huge, and I mean HUGE Gauntlet fan, maybe you can squeeze some enjoyment out of this game. Rent it first.