It's Gauntlet, what do you expect?

User Rating: 8 | Gauntlet: Seven Sorrows PS2
Nothing really special about this title but its simple mindless fun, at least for me, I don't like confusing fighting moves that most people can't remember, I love just killing bad guy after bad guy, this game has that down pat just like the original Gauntlet game. At the end of each level you can buy stuff to upgrade your character and buy new moves, most of which you probably won't use. Graphics are ok, probably better on the xbox version but that's to be expected. They do the job, sound is ok as well. This game has good multi player and coop going for it as well and online play too.

Don't expect to be blown away by this game, just pick it up if its cheap for the simple fun it provides, bring a friend to share in the death.