Gauntlet IV Cheats For Genesis

  1. Quest Mode Password

    Enter the password at the QUEST MODE Continue screen.
    (NOTE - Be sure to enter your name as AETHER-K; or the password won't work.)

    Effect Effect
    5:8tpyc76xao:5ljl3d846teo63coa Get More Health
    9fywr mp7:9 9oju- xp+5x +kdp= -c3rh Play as Questor
    ylog: j4e97 x-te8 68xop wo9+w 3+cx1 Play as Thor
    :ectm l-fu9 f9994 =135g -8+ot x4m:y Play as Thyra
    50365 W=J-8 +E-2M 8RLF6 3XC:+ WPF6- Start New Quest Mode with Max.Gold & EP (65535)/Max.Health (99900)/Max.Abilities (20)/Optimum Equipment/All Inventory.
    50325 W=J-8 +E-2M 8RLF6 3XC:+ WPFAU Start Quest Mode with Max.Gold & EP (65535)/Max.Health (99900)/Max.Abilities (20)/Optimum Equipment/All Inventory/All Coat of Arms.

    Contributed by: expensivegift, Aether Knight 

Walkthroughs & FAQs

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In-Depth FAQs Character FAQ by Sir Elric 8K