This game was pretty fun...... if you ignore the bordome.

User Rating: 6.1 | Gauntlet: Dark Legacy PS2
I have to admit, I am a real fan of the entire concept of Gauntlet. I think its a pretty cool game style. Its basicsally an enlarged co-opp mode. It can be very entertaining and fun if the graphics and gameplay is solid. Unfortunatley, this game didn`t provide the necesary components the game needed. The graphics were pretty bad, the game didn`t look that pretty. The gameplay was hort and limited. Virtually no replay value. The game just ends when you complete single player. The A.I. was another bad feature in the game. Unless you controled the people, they didn`t do anything. Everything else was pretty decent. The sound was corny in a good way. The tilt was pretty good, you get pumped whenever you get farther i guess. Overall fair game, rent it for a party.