A great party game!

User Rating: 6 | Gauntlet: Dark Legacy PS2
Dark Legacy is a load of fun! This game was my introduction to Gauntlet, and it was classic.

This game was very fun, I beat it twice, but then I was pretty tired of it.
So there's not much in the way of replayability, but you will definitely have fun two or three times through.
Choose from 8 different characters with the ability to unlock eight more.
The selection is pretty diverse: Warrior, Archer, Wizard, Sorceress, Knight, Valkyire, Dwarf, or Jester (as opposed to the three you get on seven sorrows).

Pros:Great multiplayer game, plenty of characters, unique fighting styles, decent replaybility.

Cons: Not so fun to play alone, can get a little repetitive.

Gameplay: 7, the multiplayer is really fun, but the repetitive nature of the game drops it from an 8.

Sound: 6, Good sound, I liked the voices, and the music was pretty good.

Graphics: 5, This is clearly where the game is lacking, but the multiplayer more than makes up for it.

Replayability: 5

I recomend it if you want a good hack n' slash game to play with friends and already have both Champions of Norrath games.