Great game with 2 or more players, by yourself, its not fun by ANY means. ONLY PLAY WITH OTHERS.

User Rating: 8 | Gauntlet: Dark Legacy PS2
Let me start off by saying this game is a BLAST when your playing with others, the level design, the horde of enemies, the leveling up, the little bit of customization of your class, LOTS of classes to choose from btw, but offer little in the way of diversity except for the special ability.

Now that im reviewing it, i cant really say a whole lot of positive things about it, its really just that type of game that you have to be playing it to be enjoying it. Its like baldurs gate, single player the game is boring, slow, repetitive and just... NOT fun, Same here with Gauntlet Dark Legacy. Its an absolute must to be playing with a friend or 3 to make this game truly shine.

I don't agree with Gamespot's review on this game, the caption makes sense but the score is totally off, then again, i only agree with about 50% of Gamespot's scoring on video games. This game truly deserves an honest 7.5 from gamespot, but the reason i give it an 8.0 is because of the fun factor is delivers WITH a friend, otherwise its a 1.0 when you play by yourself.