This game actually deserves more respect than you think

User Rating: 9.5 | Gauntlet: Dark Legacy GC
PROS: music is awesome, controls are tight, great challenge, 4 player mode is great, graphics are nice, unique power-ups, will make you come back and play it again and again

CONS: bosses are a hard to beat while playing single player

Gauntlet Dark Legacy is an excellent arcade game, so when I heard it was coming out on the Gamecube, I was hyped up like many other fans, and when I read the reviews for this, I was appalled. I picked this game up and it is just a lot of fun to play, I don't know why the reviews online say this game is not great or it's mediocre, it actually does a great job of how it feels and plays like the arcade version. You have all the classes to choose from, warrior, knight, wizard, and so on and each have their strengths and weaknesses that get better as you level up and you can buy skill points for a certain attribute as well, such as speed, magic, etc. The game also has some of the best music I have ever heard on the Gamecube, it's got a great beat, it's well paced, and it fits the levels and bosses well. Then there is the multiplayer and it is really fun for you to grab 3 friends and go beat up enemies and bosses, they are also valuable in terms of being able to get pass certain bosses. The level designs are just like the ones from the arcade as well and have all the realms as well, they are long, interesting, and have plenty of enemies so you can level up. The game also does a great job with the graphics, they resemble what it looks like in the arcade game, all the characters have unique designs, and they are well detailed. As you go through the game, there are power-ups you can use that range from being used to take out a enemies that surround you or help get you health, and they can be bought like the abilities in the shop, but you can find plenty of them all through the game and will probably never have to buy any of them. There are also special weapons against the bosses as well that are highly recommended for dealing with them, because some of the bosses are downright cheap. There really is no way to beat some of the bosses without help, such as the Genie, Spider Queen, Wraith, or Garm, unless you buy a ton of power-ups that make you invisible or invincible, I recommend you bring 2 or 3 friends over to help. The controls are excellent in this game, you can move anywhere without any delay, you have auto aim, you can shoot anywhere, and are simplistic, but the only issue is that sometimes, your character won't do the special move even if the bar is charged and it is a bit too picky on how you initiate it. The game is really long and usually will take like either 4 to 6 days to beat, but it has great replay value that will leave you coming back for more.

Gauntlet Dark Legacy is a great game for the Gamecube, despite what others are saying, and is highly recommended for those who want great arcade action. If you still own a Gamecube and you come across this game, pick it up and play it I highly recommend this game to be in your Gamecube collection.