Short, but incredibly good metroidvania game

User Rating: 7 | Gato Roboto PC

Gato Roboto is a metroidvania game with a retro aesthetic and gameplay feel. The game makes use of very simple palettes that only make use of the shading of one color like black and white. The simplistic appeal and hight contrast (black and white) makes it easy to notice what is going on on the screen and is easy for the eye. The audio is also very simplistic and works well with the graphics. This combination allows for a simplistic style that you either hate or love.

However, where the game truly shines is the gameplay. It feels incredibly smooth and it feels like you have full control of your character. It truly was a joy to hop around the world. Throughout the game you switch between a cat and a robot and both play differently. They have their own weight, responsiveness and make their own sounds.

Like any other metroidvania game there is an exploration part and Gato Roboto does this pretty well. It does not hold your hand, but also does not keep you stuck. You are led to your target, but you have to find out by yourself how to get there and what to do. It also keeps dialogue and cutscenes to a minimum, so you are never truly slowed down. It is pretty easy to get all secrets, which is kind of a bummer.

The game is not all good though. The biggest dissapointment is the game length. I completed the game 100% in less than 4 hours and I did not rush the game at all.