A Worthwhile Indy Switch Title

User Rating: 7 | Gato Roboto NS

Gato Roboto is a decent enough metroidvania with a simple art direction and a cute cat. You see yourself controlling a rather smart kitty cat as you defeat a mad scientist-turned-rat and help your human escape a sticky situation. The plot is simple and silly and the game itself is short and sweet. The controls were tight for the most part but the game relied a little too much on its inspirations. Nothing, with the exception of the cute character designs, seemed especially fresh, but I did find myself enjoying the game quite a bit, with a smile on my face the whole time. Beating the game will only take 8 or 9 hours, but there are enough collectibles to stretch out the game, through multiple playthroughs, for a roughly 15-20 hour stretch. I do recommend giving this title a shot, especially on Switch, where you can pick it up for short bursts or play for long stretches fairly comfortably.