I just play this game to see the graphics

User Rating: 8 | Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties DS
Garfield a Tail of Two Kitties it's a really short game, and some levels are like 5 seconds levels:
Story: It's just about going to the Prince's castle, and it doesn't follow the movie, even when i didn't see it i heard that:
Graphics: Amazing graphics for the NDS, i mean, this game would be nothing without the graphics, there are better graphics, but this game makes me love this ones:
Gameplay: It's just a sidescroller, except for some levels where you can actually change direction, nothing out of htis world:
Sound: Repetitive but not bad, it's a great deescription for it:
Fun: Hmmmm... is not that fun but it's just ok:
Conclusion: The graphics look amazing but the game in it is not that great, just rent it first, but you would finish it before you buy it.