This is the best Garfield game available at the moment! good storyline, awesome, action, fun, hilarious, Entertai

User Rating: 8.5 | Garfield: A Tale of Two Kitties PS2
The hilarious and be-loved but dissatisfied and grumpy Lasagna eating Garfield is back in one hell of a game.

This game is full of hilarious antics and jokes, Garfield the beloved Lasagna Eating Feline is back on one of the best and most funny and wackiest adventures ever!, This is the best Garfield game available at the moment!! Just because it was made in 2006 doesn't mean it isn't better than the newer Garfield game on ps2. This game is a Garfield Masterpiece

The game includes all the well-known characters from the movies and the wonderful comics. Such as Odie and John.

This game is nearly as wonderful as the new Garfield game soon available on the Nintendo Wii, though is it far more funny and fun to play then all the other Garfield games available at the moment.

This marvelous and hilarious game is available from most Game retailers such as Eb Games, JB hifi, Harvey Norman, Kmart, GameTraders or BestBuy.

The game is a must have for Garfield lovers!
And a must have for anyone who loves a game with a good story line and awesome action, fun, hilarious moments and jokes and a wacky bunch of characters!.